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Bogota airport workers strike; more delays than usual reported

Bogota airport workers strike; more delays than usual reported

El Dorado airport in Bogota (Photo:

Some 300 workers at Bogota’s El Dorado airport have gone on strike, local media reported Monday. The strike reportedly has not led to a significant increase in flight delays.

According to newspaper El Tiempo, the striking workers of a subsidiary of airline Avianca are demanding their employer revokes the firing of 60 colleagues. Additionally, the strikers demand a pay rise.

“We demand the reintegration of our colleagues and improved salaries, like [we demand] the presence of the Ombudsman and the [country’s largest labor union] CUT to talk about ending the strike,” one of the workers told newspaper El Tiempo.

According to other media, the strike has not affected travelers as the striking workers were immediately replaced by security personnel.

The strikers deny this. “Security personnel, without experience and equipment are carrying out the operations,” the anonymous worker told the newspaper.

The El Dorado airport is Colombia’s main airport, connecting most of the country’s cities. Its international airport is the main entry point for foreign visitors to the country.

UPDATE:  According to Caracol Radio, the strike is causing extra delays for passengers on national flights. The international airport reportedly is unaffected.