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Big weapons don’t frighten Colombia’s sexiest soldier (photos – video)

Colombia Reports - Maria Clara Rodriguez

Colombian model and presenter Maria Clara Rodriguez left soldiers trembling as she showed what she can do with their equipment.

The buxom beauty visited the Tolemaida army base, in the central Colombian department of Tolima, for an extremely tasteful photoshoot themed around war.

Posing with bullets, tanks, helicopters, and even a giant snake(??), this comely cadet told website Revista Don Juan that she “adored everything to do with the military.”

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She doesn’t want an army boyfriend though — heartbreaking news for the throngs of admiring soldiers surrounding Rodriguez in the steamy video accompanying the shoot. “I don’t want to live [through] the uncertainty of bad news,” she admitted.

The Sweet presenter’s father is a recently retired Army general, and Rodriguez spoke movingly of the “shock” she used to feel upon seeing his beard when he returned from long military missions.

She hopes to put her immense talents to good use one day working for an NGO that helps “vulnerable populations”. Maybe her “second career” — studying political science and international relations at the University of Rosario — teaches her how to reconcile this desire with her earlier stated love of guns and bullets, because we sure as hell don’t understand.

Let’s just hope she stays in front of the cameras. Not that we doubt her abilities to ease the suffering of the world’s less fortunate, but for a woman who can make even rappelling sexy (see the video), surely any career other than posing would be a crying shame.

All together now: “Yes Ma’am!”