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Barranquilla to host 7th international arts festival

Barranquilla to host 7th international arts festival

The northern Colombian port city of Barranquilla will host an international arts festival, where creative minds from a variety of artistic professions will descend upon the city to showcase their talents, allowing audiences a glimpse into what makes them tick.

The four-day carnival, which begins on January 27, has been billed as a tribute to the “world’s greatest creators,” one which will give carnival-goers an insight into their lives, works and creative processes.

Some of the guests that will be attending the forthcoming festival include US actor Matt Dillon, Colombian scientist, Raul Cuero, Cuban film director, Fernando Perez and Belgian sociologist, Armand Mattelart.

Entrance to the carnival is free, however, by making a donation to the festival, patrons can ensure a seat for some or all of the festival events, depending on the amount donated.

More information can be found on the carnival’s website.