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Avianca cancels flights due to Iberia strike

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Colombian airline Avianca said Tuesday it would cancel several flights due to a strike at Spanish airline Iberia.

Avianca announced the cancelation of the 026 Bogota-Madrid and 027 Madrid-Bogota flights between Tuesday and Friday.

The airline said the daily 010-011 flights Bogota-Madrid-Bogota would be operating as normal. Also, the Cali-Madrid-Cali flights, the Medellin-Madrid-Medellin and the Bogota-Barcelona-Bogota flights would not be affected by the strike at Iberia.

The Iberia strike will affect Colombia’s largest airline as the Spanish airline lends ground crew to other airlines, among them Avianca.

Iberia air and ground crew announced the strike in late January to protest massive cutbacks in operations.