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Colombia requests arrest warrant for ex-general implicated in journalist murder


Colombia’s Prosecutor General on Friday requested an international warrant for the arrest of retired colonel Jorge Plazas for his involvement in the 1999 murder of journalist and humorist Jaime Garzon.

According to the prosecution Plazas allegedly delivered key information to the gunmen who shot the renown journalist in his car as he drove to work in Colombia’s capital Bogota. The retired colonel is currently on the run from justice according to reports.

Extradited Colombian paramilitary leader Don Berna, along with five other paramilitaries currently being held in the U.S., have also been called for questioning in relation to the murder.

On Friday, August 13 in 1999 Garzon was driving to work when two men on a motorbike with hidden plates rode up to his car and shot him five times. The death of the popular journalist, comedian, presenter and peace activist caused an outpour of grief in Colombia and has remained one of the most prominent unsolved assassinations of recent decades.