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Argentina issues arrest warrant for Colombian soccer player Hernandez

The Argentina tax office has requested an international arrest warrant for Colombian soccer player Giovanni Hernandez.

The Santa Fe office of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP), reports that the player owes no less than $250,000 in taxes.

Hernandez, who currently plays for Atletico Junior in Barranquilla, Colombia, represented Argentinian Primera Division side Colon de Santa Fe from 2003 to 2006. The tax issues supposedly arose in 2005.

The director of AFIP, Carlos Vaudagna, explained that the player needs to travel to Argentina and show his intention to repay the debt.

He added that Hernandez had previously agreed to pay the debt, but stopped doing so after a few installments.

If Hernandez fails to do so, Argentina may sentence the 34-year-old to jail.

In an interview with Barranquilla’s El Heraldo newspaper, published on Tuesday, Hernandez claimed that the accusations were just a rumor.