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Antioquia FARC attacks leave 3 dead

map of antioquia

Three people were killed and another nine injured in two separate attacks against members of the armed forces in the central Colombian department of Antioquia, attributed by authorities to guerrilla group the FARC.

The first incident occurred in the north west of the department when a patrol of soldiers and policemen was travelling to the rural area of Anori to deactivate a bus bomb, allegedly planted by the FARC.

Around midday Wednesday the patrol was ambushed by the FARC’s 36th Front. A solider and an anti-explosives dog were killed in a bomb blast, which also injured six.

The second attack occurred in the municipality of La Caucana de Taraza, in the Bajo Cauca region, when a group of coca crop eradicators were attacked by guerrillas believed to belong to the FARC’s 18th Front. Two people were killed and three injured.

Members of a police patrol said that at least four of the rebels were killed in the attack, which will be verified Thursday when extra forces are sent to reinforce the area.