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Anti animal cruelty protest held in Bogota

Colombia News - Animal March

A demonstration calling for “political will on behalf of animals” was held in Bogota prompted by the surfacing of videos of animal abuse witnessed by two police officers and a citizen, reported Terra Wednesday.

The protesters were calling for rules to made more stringent so that authorities are able to punish people who commit animal cruelty. At present if someone kills another person’s dog, the perpetrator can only be sued for damage to property.

“In regards to animal cruelty, as the law stands it has no teeth. We hope that congress actually ends animal cruelty through legislative bills or a new animal welfare code” said Eduardo Peña Garzon, a member of ADI, Animal Defenders International.

The march also included vegetarians, people protesting against bullfighting, dogfighting and cockfighting and opponents of animal circuses. Segio, a fourth grader at Lucero Restrepo High School said that although he does eat meat he does not agree with “grown-ups hitting animals.” Sergio added “Animals do have a voice. Mine.”