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Ancient tomb discovered in Colombia

Ancient tomb discovered in Colombia

An indigenous pre-Columbian tomb was discovered just outside of Colombia’s second largest city Medellin during a tree planting ceremony on Tuesday.

During the ceremony, hosted by the city’s mass transit operator Metroplus, a tomb was accidentally uncovered in the rural outskirts of Medellin in the Envigado neighborhood.

Antioquia anthropologists that arrived on the scene asserted that this was a pre-Hispanic tomb and was likely an aboriginal house occupied between the 12th and 17th centuries.

“The interesting thing about this tomb is that the bedroom looks like an indigenous legend, in that they are like replicas of what should be the house,”  said archeologist Gustavo Santos.  “We’ll do an analysis of the skeletal remains…and then a special anthropologist will analyze dental charts to tell us how many people were in the tomb.”

Research will begin shortly at the University of Antioquia.

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