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Aguardiente to be launched in the US

Aguardiente, one of the most traditional drinks in Colombia, will be
launched in the United States, newspaper El Espectador reported Monday.

U.S. entrepreneur and Colombia fan, Raj Peter Bhakta, wants
to bring “Colombia in a bottle” to the United States and will therefore
soon launch Aguardiente but under the name ‘Petro’.

objective is simple …, to introduce ‘Petro’, known in Colombia as
Aguardiente for centuries but yet virtually unknown to U.S. consumers,
as the fashionable drink for a new generation to create a new category
of party drinks,” Bhakta explained.

The entrepreneur wants to
bring the energy and spirit of Aguardiente to consumers who seek new
tastes and experiences. “I am sure the Americans will be very excited
with the taste,”Bhakta said.

The expectations of ‘Petro’ are high: Bhakta and his investors
seek a 1 percent share of the liquor market that sells U.S.$70 billion

The target audience of ‘Petro’, that has already the
approval of the U.S. authorities, will be young people in big cities
and consumers related to the Latin American culture.