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$65K Picasso piece stolen from Popayan museum

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A painting by Pablo Picasso, valued at $65,000, disappeared Friday from a museum in Popayan, western Colombia.

The Edgar Negret Museum alerted press of the robbery on Tuesday.

The untitled piece from 1930 disappeared from the museum’s walls on Friday afternoon, minutes after doors were closed to the public, according to museum director Oscar Hernandez.

The work portrayed the Greek god of wine, Dionysus, with a woman with his arms, and was seen last right before two foreigners entered the museum.

The piece was not protected by any additional security measures.

Popayan authorities are offering a $5,000 dollar award for information that would lead to recovering Picasso’s painting.

The work had been donated to the museum in 2004 by the Colombian sculptor Edgar Negret, a Popayan native.