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4 FARC rebels killed in northern Colombia: Army

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Colombian authorities have killed four members of the FARC secretariat’s main security ring in the north of Colombia, reported newspaper El Espectador Monday.

According to reports, apart from the four casualties, the army claimed one capture and one surrender during fighting between the guerrillas of the FARC’s 24th Front and army troops in the village of Cerro Azul in the municipality of San Pablo, located in the Bolivar department.

The rebels killed provided security for Lascarro Felix Antonio Muñoz, alias “Pastor Alape,” a member of the FARC’s secretariat, the group’s highest level of command.

“This operation, which was developed with army intelligence and troops of the Second Division, is part of a strong offensive against the guerrilla structure that has made significant casualties,” General Juan Pablo Amaya was quoted as saying by El Espectador.

The army commander did not rule out the capture of more rebels as fighting continued Monday morning.

“We have information that four guerrillas escaped yesterday that we expect to recover in the coming hours,” General Pablo added.