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Govt offers $281,000 reward for FARC highway attackers

Colombia News - FARC roadside attack

Local government officials offered a $281,000 reward for information on the FARC guerrilla leaders responsible for the Wednesday morning Medellin-Caribbean roadway attack and murder of a police commander.

The secretary of Antioquia’s government, Julian Andres Rendon, has offered a $281,000 reward for aliases “Anderson” and “Emilio Chaqueto,” the alleged leaders of the FARC’s 36th front, who are believed to be responsible for the recent attack.

A second reward of $140,000 has been offered for information leading to the arrest of the other guerrillas involved.

Four members of the FARC’s 36th Front burned buses and tractors in a roadside blitz early Wednesday morning. Authorities at the time believed that the perpetrators fled to the mountains after the first attack, but apparently the guerrillas remained close to the scene.

When members of Antioquia’s highway police arrived, FARC guerrillas detonated an explosive device that killed Major Felix Antonio Jaimes Villamil and injured another 2 policemen.

Police and military responded to the incident by closing the Medellin-Caribbean roadway and began a hunt for those responsible for the attack.