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2013 will be the year of final victory: Colombia defense minister

colombia news/pinzon

Colombia’s Minister of Defense thanked members of the country’s security forces and said that 2013 will be the year of victory for Colombia’s military, reported local media on Monday.

Finishing up his Christmas greeting tour, Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon claimed that the path to prosperity is the work of the armed forces.

“2013 will be the year of the final victory of our forces, the glory of the victory of these institutions will be the glory of the Colombian people,” said Pinzon.

The Defense Minister went on to say that the results of the security forces are responsible for the growth of the country’s economy.

“Thanks to members of the Colombian security forces, [the country] enjoyed better development opportunities,” said Pinzon.

The Defense Minister, on tour with the country’s Director of National Police and the Commander of the Air Force, said that in 2012, over 20% of members of terrorist organizations were killed while there were 20% less casualties in the armed forces.