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2 women sentenced in Betancourt kidnap

Colombia News - Gavel

Two women involved in the FARC’s kidnapping of the French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt and of three U.S. military contractors have been sentenced to sixteen years in prison, Caracol Radio reported Friday.

Brigitte Vega Poveda and Lina Catherine Cubides were found guilty of being accomplices in the crime of aggravated kidnapping for extortion. A judge in Florencia sentenced them to sixteen years and nine months in prison based on proof that when the pair were arrested in 2007 there was evidence that they knew about Betancourt and the American hostages.

Upon the termination of the trial, the two women were transferred to a Bogota prison.

The two women were first detained in Bogota on November 29, 2007 by agents of the Technical Investigation Team (CTI) of Colombia’s Prosecuter’s Office.