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2 injured after shots fired at Medellin metro cable car

Colombia Reports - Metrocable

Two men were left injured Monday after shots were fired into a metro cable car in Colombia’s second largest city Medellin.

The two men experienced superficial wounds to the head and legs and were received at a hospital early this morning, reported local media.

Clearing the identity of the shooters is still in progress. However, the Mayor of Medellín reportedly promised a reward for information on the culprits.

Medellin’s metro cable system links one of the city’s formerly most violent neighborhoods, which is tucked against a steep mountainous slope in the north of the Colombia’s second largest city, with the rest of the city’s transit system.

The shooting comes after the city’s metro cable system was shut down in response to a row of violence in a separate neighborhood in Medellín where the metro cable also provides access. The neighborhood, located in the west of the city, has become notorious for its increased crime levels in recent years.