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10,500 employed for Medellin Flower Festival security

Policia, medellin

Security and safety have been made a top priority at this year’s Flower Festival in Medellin, with 10,500 people employed to provide 24 hour support and to ensure the smooth running of the 350 organized events.

A coalition of the city’s security forces and the city’s health services, including 1920 policemen, 546 traffic agents and 155 paramedics will be on hand to make sure visitors and residents can enjoy the festival with peace of mind. Medellin’s fire fighters will also be available 24 hours a day to provide support for emergency situations.

Hospitals and clinics will be available on the national emergency number, 123, and there will be 59 paramedic teams and 38 stabilization units positioned around the city at various different events.

The Ministry of Travel will also set up road blocks to minimise accidents and prevent drink driving. The festival’s organizers recommend the use of public transport where possible to avoid difficulties with parking, road restrictions and car theft.

Special measures will be taken to maximize security at several of the festival’s main events, including a liquor ban at the Horse Parade. The police reserve the right to remove anyone drunk or disorderly or in an inappropriate “state of exaltation.”

In order to encourage people to visit Santa Elena, there will be no restrictions on the road leading up to the area this year until 2PM on August 7, when the road will be closed until to 12AM the following day.

For more information about road closures and restrictions click here.